toplevel.h File Reference

Routines to manage the global cwidget state. More...

#include <sigc++/signal.h>
#include <cwidget/generic/util/ref_ptr.h>

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namespace  cwidget
namespace  cwidget::threads
namespace  cwidget::widgets
namespace  cwidget::toplevel


class  cwidget::toplevel::event
 An event in the global event queue. More...
class  cwidget::toplevel::slot_event
 An event based on sigc++ slots. More...


std::string cwidget::version ()
 Return the version number of the library.
void cwidget::toplevel::init ()
 Initializes curses and the global state of the cwidget library.
void cwidget::toplevel::install_sighandlers ()
 Installs signal handlers to cleanly shut down cwidget.
util::ref_ptr< widgets::widget > cwidget::toplevel::settoplevel (const util::ref_ptr< widgets::widget > &widget)
 Sets the top-level widget to the new value, returning the old top-level widget.
void cwidget::toplevel::queuelayout ()
 Posts a request to recalculate every widget's layout and update the screen.
void cwidget::toplevel::layoutnow ()
 Immediately recalculates the layout of all widgets.
void cwidget::toplevel::mainloop (int synch=0)
 Start the main event loop.
void cwidget::toplevel::post_event (event *ev)
 Post the given event to the main event queue.
bool cwidget::toplevel::poll ()
 Dispatch any events in the event queue.
void cwidget::toplevel::exitmain ()
void cwidget::toplevel::redraw ()
void cwidget::toplevel::update ()
 Posts a request to redraw the screen; may be called from any thread.
void cwidget::toplevel::tryupdate ()
 Executes any pending draws or redraws.
void cwidget::toplevel::updatecursor ()
 Posts a request to update the cursor location; may be called from any thread.
void cwidget::toplevel::suspend ()
 Hides all widgets and suspends Curses operation until resume() is called.
void cwidget::toplevel::suspend_without_signals ()
 Hides all widgets and suspends Curses operation until resume() is called, but does NOT reset the SIGCONT and SIGTSTP handlers.
void cwidget::toplevel::shutdown ()
 Does the same thing as suspend, except that it also destroys the top-level widget.
void cwidget::toplevel::resume ()
 Returns to Curses mode after a suspend*, restoring any signal handlers that were modified by the suspend routine.
int cwidget::toplevel::addtimeout (event *ev, int msecs)
 Invoke the given event in at least msecs from the current time.
void cwidget::toplevel::deltimeout (int id)
 Delete the event with the given identifier.
void cwidget::toplevel::handleresize ()
threads::mutex & cwidget::toplevel::get_mutex ()
int cwidget::toplevel::get_suspend_count ()

Detailed Description

Routines to manage the global cwidget state.

This file contains routines that manage the global state of the cwidget library: initializing and shutting it down, controlling its main loop, changing the top-level widget, etc.

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