cwidget/ documentation/ Getting cwidget

Source packages

The cwidget source is available from the project's download page on alioth. Copies of the source are uploaded to the Debian archive and can be retrieved from cwidget's Debian package page.

Once you have the source code you probably will want to install it.

Binary packages

If you do not want to compile from source, you will have to find pre-compiled packages for your operating system.

If your operating system is not listed here and binary packages exist for it, please email with information on where the binary packages are.

Debian unstable

Binary packages of the latest version of cwidget are available in Debian unstable. The package libcwidget-dev is needed to compile or run software that uses cwidget; run

aptitude install libcwidget-dev


apt-get install libcwidget-dev

to install it.

Other Linux distributions

Use your distribution's package manager to determine whether cwidget packages are available and in what version.